Where Yesterday
Strengthens Tomorrow

Hope and Renewal

Mission & Values


The mission of the Heritage Farm Foundation is to be a source of hope and renewal to the people of Appalachia by sharing the stories of their proud, rugged past with the world in ways that inspire an emboldened, vibrant future.


Education: Our main purpose is to educate and inspire Appalachians and non-Appalachians alike. We believe that the history of Appalachia - its ingenuity, its hardiness, and its warmth - is worthy of celebration, and we believe future generations are especially in need of this message. We consider our connection with area schools and children vital, and are continuously exploring means of connecting people with their past to gain an appreciation and perspective for the future.

Hope: Hope is a precious gift, and we strive to make Heritage Farm Museum & Village a place where hope is given and fostered. Our message and programming are designed to provide positive stimulation and growth in a safe and friendly environment for all.

Family: Heritage Farm Museum & Village is a family operated non-profit, and we aim to extend our family to include staff and guests. The hospitality, personal touch, and neighborly spirit of Appalachians are things we wish to communicate to our guests through a guided tour, an event, or overnight stay.

Improvement: Attaining excellence is the goal we set for ourselves at Heritage Farm Museum & Village. We are always adding, changing, and growing to meet the needs of the community and constantly work to attain better results for our organization and guests.

Fun: We value what we do and we have a good time doing it! A fun atmosphere and enjoyable programming are the core of what makes Heritage Farm a desirable place to work, volunteer, and visit. Making things fun is one of the best ways we know of to connect with and inspire people, and we intend to infuse everything we do with the spirit of fun, creativity, and education.