Ordering Our New Book!

by Mike & Audy Perry

In 1973 Mike and Henriella Perry moved with their three children, ages 12, 10 and 2, from a beautiful brick home in Huntington, West Virginia, to a burnt log cabin on a 150-acre farm. A smooth-talking salesman would have called it a "fixer upper." It had no indoor plumbing, no central heat or air conditioning and only one strand of electricity with two plugs (one for a light and the other for a radio).

Now, almost 40 years later, the Perrys have developed Heritage Farm Museum & Village where six museums, five log homes, a log church, blacksmith shop, one-room schoolhouse and several meeting facilities surround their first farm home.

In this book, father and son Mike and Audy Perry tell the story of how this Appalachian treasure came into being and what the Perry family has learned in more than three decades "down on the farm." To order the book directly from the Heritage Farm Foundation, click the Buy Now button below and pay for it with a major credit card through PayPal. Thank you!





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